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We applaud the passage of IIJA and were ecstatic to see
our CEO at the signing     

Since the announcement of the Build Back Better agenda, ASBN has been at the forefront of fighting to get the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) passed. After multiple sign-ons, webinars, and anything we could do to advocate for this act, we are excited to finally see it signed into law. The IIJA will repair roads and bridges, make the largest federal investment in passenger rails since Amtrak, expand broadband to create a more reliable and accessible high-speed internet, provide clean water by replacing lead pipes, and fight against climate change by investing in clean energy transmission and EV infrastructure like electric buses. 

On November 15, Jeffrey Hollender, ASBN’s CEO and co-founder, accepted a White House invitation to attend the signing of IIJA by the President, a recognition of ASBN’s efforts on behalf of its passage. We are pleased and honored that our hard work for the IIJA paid off, and that Jeffrey was able to witness the historic signing of the bill.

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What's New

BBB passed by the House, now it’s time for the Senate 

We applaud the House for passing the Build Back Better Act (BBB) early on November 19. This is a monumental step forward, and we hope and will continue to advocate for Senate passage to make it become law. BBB has great benefits that are necessary for the progression of a just and sustainable economy, including universal paid leave, investments for small businesses, and many other business-related plans.  

ASBN has been advocating for paid leave for a very long time and we are excited our efforts along with our coalition partners to get it restored to BBB were effective. We salute all the businesses that stood up for paid leave, making their voices heard and joining our sign-on letters. The BBB covers many areas that are priorities for our member businesses, especially climate, paid leave, and regenerative agriculture. Please join our efforts to urge swift Senate action.

Click To Tweet: #BuildBackBetterAct has officially been passed by the House. Now we urge Senate passage to take us another step closer to a more sustainable and just economy.

What looks different about ASBC and SVC?

As you may have noticed, the looks of ASBC and SVC have changed. ASBC and SVC have merged to create the American Sustainable Business Network (ASBN). This merger provides many member benefits. By combining our efforts, we now offer more expertise to help push our commitments to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. Both organizations have unique capabilities such as our conference and event planning, community building, media communications, and coalition building. With this merger we created an organization that provides all these capabilities in a more stable and effective structure.

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Forum for the Future and WBCSD combining forces to create an insightful report    

Forum for the Future partnered with World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) in order to create a report to which ASBN contributed. The report, titled “A Compass for Just and Regenerative Business,” explains the course businesses need to take to ensure the survival of our planet and inhabitants. This report highlights that not only is it possible to reach a just and sustainable business model, it is necessary in order to positively impact the earth. This report provides a “Transformation Compass” tool that will help businesses make a change and put possible regenerative theories into practice. 

In order to help the planet, steps must be taken by businesses to ensure that they are doing what needs to be done to save the environment and create a more sustainable economy. To do this, we must change our mindset and think of ways to combat climate change and these steps must be put into effect now. 

Click To Tweet: @Forum4theFuture and @wbcsd created a report with @theASBN input to create a plan for businesses to impact the world in a more positive way. This report can change the outlook businesses have on what they are putting into the environment.

Climate Mike took on COP 26 

COP 26 had a great turnout of many leaders from around the world coming together to think of ways to combat the climate crisis. Among those who joined, Michael Green, “Climate Mike” from ASBN, was there to meet with and report back to our members and the community what steps were being discussed and what the overall census was during this two-week event. 

The committed $100 billion that had been previously pledged by the end of 2020 was not reached, which starts the conversation of if there is a better way in order to raise funds to fight against climate change. Singapore and Indonesia shared at COP 26 their new carbon tax which would help eliminate emissions from heavy industry by 2022. 
The Biden administration announced a global commitment for cutting methane emissions. This puts all signatories on the path to reaching the goal of cutting 30% of methane emissions by 2030. There is a new pledge to limit warming to 1.5C which would mean that leaders would have to not only continue with their efforts already in place but also add more commitments in the coming year. We look forward to seeing how these plans are being implemented when COP 27 in Egypt comes around. Read all of #Climate Mike’s blog posts

Click To Tweet: #COP26 has resulted in many ideas that will benefit every country in the fight against #ClimateChange. With these provisions being put in place we can move closer to a healthy, just and sustainable environment. 

ASBN to hold in-person conference December 8-11 

On December 8-11, ASBN will be holding its annual conference in San Diego, California. This conference has many benefits, Isaac Graves, ASBN’s chief operating officer explains, “For 34 years, SVC has convened influential leaders dedicated to leveraging business and capital for the greater good, birthing and growing the luminaries of the sustainable business movement, and incubating the movements that have advanced our shared vision for the role and responsibility of business in society. Now as ASBN, this year’s conference comes at a pivotal moment. Shareholder capitalism has pushed us to the brink and it’s our collective responsibility to fight for an economy that works for all; one that protects our environment, our health, and advances social and racial justice. We invite you all to convene with us December 8-11 alongside hundreds of business leaders and investors who share our vision and urgency to act to ensure a just and sustainable future.”

Register for this conference. It is open to ASBN members and even non-members. With the event being in person there have been many precautions put into place to ensure the safety of those who attend.

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Working Group Updates

Look for the latest information from ASBN Working Groups on our website and in upcoming issues of Policy Update.

Childhood Cancer Prevention Initiative: The Childhood Cancer Prevention Initiative (CCPI) had their bi-monthly full group call, including a presentation by Nse Witherspoon of the Children’s Environmental Health Network on the current state of children’s environmental health. Senator Booker introduced the Protect America’s Children from Toxic Pesticides Act on Monday, November 22, an ongoing initiative for CCPI over the past few months. ASBN released this statement in support of the Act. 

Circular Economy: The Circular Economy Working Group had a meeting this month with guest speaker Alyssa Harding (packaging collaborative director of One Step Closer) to talk about the One Step Closer to Zero Waste Campaign, as well as a presentation by Judith Enck (President at Beyond Plastics) and Jim Vallette (President of Material Research at L3C) on their Plastics and Climate Change Report. The EPA recycling plan has kept a door open for chemical recycling, which is incredibly harmful to the environment. December 23 is the deadline for public comment on the issue.  

Corporate Transparency & ESG Disclosure:

This working group met in November and was joined by guest speaker be Aron Szapiro; Head of Retirement Studies and Public Policy at Morningstar. The focus of the discussion was the Department of Labor’s proposed rule that would remove barriers to plan fiduciaries’ ability to consider climate change and other environmental, social and governance factors when they select investments and exercise shareholder rights.

The proposed rule, "Prudence and Loyalty in Selecting Plan Investments and Exercising Shareholder Rights," follows Executive Order 14030, signed by President Biden on May 20, 2021. The order directs the federal government to implement policies to help safeguard the financial security of America’s families, businesses and workers from climate-related financial risk that may threaten the life savings and pensions of U.S. workers and families. 

Businesses for Conservation and Climate Action (BCCA): Businesses for Conservation and Climate Action (BBCA) had their monthly meeting focusing on the Pribilof Islands Aleut community of St. Paul (PRIME). PRIME is pursuing large-scale environmental, economic, and cultural resilience goals for the Pribilof Islands Marine Ecosystem and utilizing a co-management governance framework that can serve as a model for Tribal-led conservation and management efforts under the 30x30 Initiative. Businesses play a valuable role in conservation actions such as PRIME. For more information or to join BCCA, sign-up here

Regenerative Agriculture and Justice: In November, the Regenerative Agriculture and Justice Working Group featured Scenic Hudson in a discussion on their Northeast Carbon Alliance initiative. The group is also preparing its policy priorities for 2022 and the farm bill while voting on whether to finalize a position memo on the Growing Climate Solutions Act and other USDA Voluntary Soil Carbon Market Programs. 

Always Open: Problem-Solving Resources  

You can count on ASBN sending you timely action tips on legislative issues affecting your business, and we also offer busy leaders a wealth of in-depth guidance you can access any time on our website. Want the details on how famous companies of all sizes provide a high-road workplace – and how it boosts their business? Need to make a big media impression (or lots of them) with your firm’s sustainability news? Want to persuade your market why safer, greener products matter? Need to make your responsible business case for better laws to your elected officials at local, state and national levels? ASBN’s online library of resources can help with these and more. Check out the Research & Data and Policy & Action sections on the ASBN website and contact us with your questions or suggestions.  

Media, Blogs & More

  • On November 1, Impact Entrepreneur featured an article co-authored by Jeffrey Hollender, ASBN’s co-founder and CEO, and MaryAnne Howland, board chair. This article highlights the hypocrisy of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and how they are putting the interest of fossil fuels before the needs and health of individual people. Read the full article here
  • On November 15, Plastic Machinery & Manufacturing published an article titled, “Packaging legislation requires industry’s engagement.” This article included a quote from Thomas Oppel, ASBN’s executive vice president, as he discusses the need to get rid of single use plastics. Read the article here
  • On November 17, Reuters published an article about the merger between ASBC and SVC in order to create ASBN. This article highlights how this merge will benefit all aspects including policy, membership, and event planning. Read the full article here
  • On November 18, Social Economy Europe congratulated ASBN on the merger of ASBC and SVC in a message. Read the full congratulatory message here
  • ASBN CEO Jeffrey Hollender was interviewed by Devin Thorpe about the recent merger between SVC and ASBC for Devin’s “Superpowers for Good” podcast, which was published on November 30. This engaging series focuses on the lessons we can learn from amazing changemakers.

Welcome New Members

Please note: For details about  ASBN membership levels, benefits and more, visit https://www.asbnetwork.org/benefits-joining-asbn

Rapid Micro Biosystems(Business – Core) 

Dedicated to providing groundbreaking technology and products to support biomanufacturing companies in their mission to deliver the highest possible quality products for improved patient outcomes. Thanks to their unmatched expertise in science and technology, they are a trusted partner of healthcare product manufacturers around the world. Rapid Micro Biosystems is headquartered and has U.S. manufacturing in Lowell, Massachusetts, with global locations in Switzerland, Germany, and the Netherlands. 

Pakka Inc (Business - Community) 

Koala Eco(Business - Core) 

Koala Eco products are certified safe, non-toxic, natural, and sustainable. They are not tested on animals and do not contain any harmful chemicals or synthetic fragrance, smelling only of glorious Australian essential oils. Their bottles are made with 100% recycled and recyclable materials so no new plastic is created. For every bottle sold they donate a percentage to the charity One Percent for the Planet. They are also proud sponsors of WWF Australia and Port Stephens Koalas.  


Member & Staff News

The Great Lakes Business Network 
The Great Lakes Business Network, a member of the American Sustainable Business Network, is a coalition of business leaders committed to protecting the Great Lakes region from imminent threats to the natural environment. We strive to be the leading business voice for protecting the health and vitality of the Great Lakes and the economy, businesses, and communities that depend upon them. We are fact-based, non-partisan, and focused on pragmatic advocacy to help set a proactive Great Lakes policy agenda.


Member Interview with Suzanne Vetillart, CEO of Boma Jewelry

Tell us about your business? 
We believe that fine jewelry can be affordable and sustainable. Boma Jewelry hand makes all our jewelry in our family-owned factory that we’ve owned for four decades. We specialize in sterling silver and gold vermeil, the most accessible entry to buying fine jewelry. We are a rare company that has the people, resources and heritage to combine sustainability and affordability without greenwashing.

Why is sustainability important to your business? 
As a second-generation owner, I grew up watching my parents build our company and have witnessed our business over the almost four decades of my life. Seeing things over a long period of time makes it very obvious that a long-term view on business is integral to being sustainable. This is challenging, however, because we live in a world that is focused on immediate, short-term gains. We celebrated our 40th birthday this year and we recognize that achieving this milestone has been due to our sustainable, long-term view of business that we have been practicing for over 30 years now. I believe that it’s important for all companies to be built around sustainable values if they want to exist beyond a decade or bring value to the marketplace.

How do you realize your vision for sustainability/what successes can you point to? 
We have had company objectives written and put in place for decades, but we did not have a truly holistic vision for all the parts of our environmental and social programs until we went through the B Corp assessment. Through the assessment we built our vision around: community, customers, environment, governance and workers. We successfully achieved B Corp certification this past summer and the framework for documenting, benchmarking and setting goals for making improvements is now built into our business. Each April during Earth month, we publish our annual impact report as well to dive deeper into what we’re working on and what we’ve achieved related to our social and environmental goals and projects. 

What public policy priorities are of greatest importance to you at this time and why? 
In our industry, we believe there is still much improvement to be done on safety to prevent cancer-causing or toxic ingredients in our everyday goods. We are in the jewelry business and unfortunately there are still products that reach our marketplaces that have traces of toxic chemicals, lead, and cadmium. The flip side to this is that we cannot always blame manufacturers or people making these products if there is a demand for cheap, disposable, poorly made goods. I’m hopeful that we will make improvements so that future generations see less and less risk for these types of products through education, advocacy, and policy.

How does being part of ASBC help you to fulfill your goal(s)? 
As a company that has no policy or advocacy experience, ASBN has helped us to find a warm, inviting community of other like-minded, purpose-driven business leaders who have the resources and tools to put ideas into action. It has been a tremendous inspiration to know that there are things we can actively do and that there are many, many others who care about social and environmental causes that matter to us

ASBN Members, Let Us Help You Share Your News! 

Your ASBN membership is a valuable networking opportunity to share your news with other mission-driven companies and supporters nationwide. Please send us your product and service introductions, personnel and facility changes, awards, charitable events and other news in your press releases, blogs, captioned photos and videos. We’ll include them in ASBNs monthly newsletter and social media outlets. 

AND....Show your customers, prospects and vendors your values right upfront:  display the “Proud Member of ASBN” logo on your website and marketing materials.  

ASBN appreciates your support for our work and we’re proud to support you all the way! 

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